AlergiesAllergies are the problem of our time. Almost every other person in world suffers from allergies. The rates of people afflicted are rising higher each day, and most don’t even know that they are allergic.
The increases in allergies are most likely caused by the rise of pollution, and the extinction of forests and other phenomena. These events are most likely the cause of multiple ailments of the world.

Clinical Oncology speaks of factors that weaken the body. Some of those include chemicals in our environment , and our food , both physically and mentally affecting humans.

Allergies can be dangerous , especially if the allergic is not aware of his illness . Sometimes the mere sting of a bumble-bee can cause a life-threatening situation. The body, under the influence of the allergen, can react very rapidly , bringing along specific symptoms. One of these symptoms just may be cardiac arrest. Some allergies may even be oral. Inhalation of certain dust particles may cause allergy attacks with symptoms such as shortness of breath , sudden coughing, and, if not treated correctly, suffocation.

Allergies and Stress

Psychological factors seem to have little, if nothing, to do with allergies. Studies, however, seem to show a different story. It has been proven that stress and excitement can exacerbate symptoms of allergic diseases. Emotional agitation , and anxiety act adversely to affect both the children and adults who suffer from allergies. Such effects are particularly applicable in the case of asthma or atopic dermatitis.

The most frequent symptoms of an allergic reaction :

– Fatigue , feeling cold, headaches, dizziness

– Pruritus , atopic dermatitis, urticaria

– Burning eyes , sneezing, coughing, asthma , rhinitis

– A feeling of fullness , diarrhea , flatulence, gastritis

– Propensity to urinary tract infections , or polyuria

– Jump in blood pressure , loss of consciousness

– Mood swings , states of panic and anxiety , inner restlessness , distraction .

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