smiling woman breaking cigarette and no smoking conceptThis is an excellent, proven, and stress-free method of anti-smoking therapy. Even after decades of smoking, one should quit, because the body of a smoker still requires purification and a recovery process.

How to prepare for surgery?

Please bring one of your favorite cigarettes and a gallon of water. Then you will be connected to the camera, holding the hands of two spherical electrodes. In addition, you would also have a soft one placed on your forehead. The duration of treatment depends on the type of treatment and how quickly the craving for nicotine takes to vanish.

Regardless of the number of cigarettes smoked per day and the length of smoking, this method is so successful that there are only two, sometimes three treatments. Cravings usually disappear in a few hours after treatment.

Although the next day there is no desire to smoke, a reflex still remains. But it will be weakened with each passing day, until it subsides completely.

The person addicted to tobacco cigarettes should also discard of any available cigarettes. It is also advised to replace them with something else, such as sunflower seeds, buts, or chewing gum. This makes it easier for one to eliminate the ‘cigarette-grabbing’ reflex.

The cessation of nicotine doses , and increased excretion of toxins can cause transient responses in the body , such as dry mouth, metallic taste , sleepiness and increased sweating , and impaired concentration . Symptoms may persist for up to two weeks . To alleviate these symptoms, the patient should drink large amounts of water and take frequent baths .


– Coughing and hoarse throat

– Heartburn

– Cataracts

– Emphysema

– Tumors of the pancreas

– Myocardial infarction

– Tumors of the larynx, kidneys, and lungs

– A disease of the stomach and duodenum

– Less sexual potency and fertility.

To be fully successful in getting rid of your addiction, you need a bit of determination and self-discipline.

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