Asian Restoration Therapy (ART) is a unique, 1500 years-old healing system, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that utilizes therapeutic bodywork and energetic exchange to aid patients in “returning to normal.” It is a combination of Japanese Acupressure techniques with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.

Combining both Eastern and Western healing approaches, using Trigger Point treatments and Acupressure techniques, the restoration therapy helps:

  • to get rid of the pain or discomfort (Body Mobilization Techniques)
  • to help joints with limited range of motion (PNF Stretch techniques)
  • to help stubborn/short muscles to relax (increase flexibility)
  • improve the communication between muscles and nervous system helping muscles work more efficiently.

ART is an excellent treatment for everybody who needs relief from stress as well as help with speed up healing process after injuries.

The main goal of the Asian Restoration Therapy is:Restore the body and mind to the balance.

Asian Restoration Therapy is a very energetic work giving you a chance to relax, and relieve tension and stress. It activates energetic paths, called meridians, which are boosting your internal organs with new energy, and helps them working properly.

There are four levels of Asian Restoration Therapy:

  • Light – given to a weak person, and/or having serious injuries.
  • Moderate – for maintenance of an average individual.
  • Deeper – for maintenance of a strong individual.
  • Deepest – for therapeutic effect.



How frequently do I need it?

The number of sessions needed depends mostly on treatment goals and your health conditions. Acute problems need fewer sessions, whereas complex or chronic conditions may require one or two treatments per week for first month. Restoration therapy effects build and strengthen with number of repeated visits. After your condition has been treated successfully, less frequent health maintenance “tune-ups” will keep your energy in good balance and flowing well.



  • drink plenty of water, eat lot of fruits and vegetables;
  • stay away from fast food and sweets;
  • EXERCISE – but be aware what kind of exercise you doing. Never force it, listen to your body. Take a rest if need it – do not overwork your muscles, they need a rest too.



“I experience a lot of different styles of bodywork. I usually felt good during a session, but just after I got up from the table, this sensation was gone. During Asian Restoration Therapy I felt amazing, and my back pain was gone! More than that, I felt balanced and full of energy for days after.

I believe there is a distinct difference between Asian Restoration Therapy and regular massage. First bodywork is very therapeutic and gives you wonderful feeling during a session as well as long after. Massage simply offers a ‘feel good’ sensation only for an hour, during a session. I recommend Asian Restoration Therapy to all, who expect high quality of service, and need help with health problems.” – Veronica Curtis, Chicago, Illinois, May 20th 2009


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