biorezonansThere comes a new era in healing . Without the use of drugs, damaging injections of to the body, we present the specialized apparatus BICOM .

Bioresonance therapy with the use of the BICOM apparatus, is the latest technology in the medical field. It is the missing link between the medicine of the East and the West. Science finally joins with spirituality and recognizes the existence of energy channels (or meridian’s ) which circulate the energy supply of the whole body. Thanks to that, man can breathe, move, think, digest, live.
Using the electromagnetic properties of the human body, the BICOM apparatus will test all the internal organs through the meridians of the relevant authorities, such as the lungs, kidneys, heart, gall bladder and liver.
Diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or microbes often appear and focus on areas in which the flow of energy and receptors in the body are weakened.

With the BICOM apparatus, we strengthen organs, restore the balance of the patient’s body, and stimulate the immune system by eliminating abnormal ( pathological ) vibrations.

We recommend to you our highly effective therapies!

Regenerative Therapy

Concentrating on the lymphatic, circulatory, nervous, and digestive systems, including bones and joints. It includes various services, such as:

– Detoxification and elimination of toxins from the body , filtering of lymph nodes
– Strengthening of the respiratory system , asthmatic changes, clearing of the sinuses
– Regulating cardiac pulsation to eliminate disturbances in the circulation, pressure problems, arrhythmias
– Elimination of bottlenecks and problems in the veins
– Return of the body to equilibrium after surgeries
– The elimination of old scars and reduction of new ones
– Strengthening of the bones, regenerating joint functions, suppression and calcification of deforming joints
– Improvement of small and large intestinal functions, also of the stomach, and gall bladder

Desensitizing Therapy
– Helps with allergen desensitization without the use of drugs, even in children under three years of age!

Here to provide to you:

– A deep inner peace
– Silencing
– To stimulate the joy of life
– The balancing Ying – Yang energy
– To harmonize and strengthen the chakras

Weight Loss
To help with:
– Improvement of the metabolism
– Fat burning
– The elimination of cellulite

Substance Abuse

– Anti-smoking
– Elimination of alcohol abuse and other addictions.

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