Extensive medical knowledge combined with the secrets of Chinese medicine contribute to our BODY DETOX device.

This device consists of parts (the bowls ), in which the feet are immersed in water. It is equipped with a computer determining the duration of treatment and the parameters of the current. In addition, this device includes a ionizer, which is the brain of BODY DETOX . The ionization phenomenon leads to the release of energy that was blocked in the body. Energy blockages occur as a result of various lifestyle choices, stress , poor eating habits ,and also the impact of a poisonous environment. With ionization, the energizing water restores the energy’s proper potential. Because of this, one of the bodies most important functions, excretion, occurs.

Chinese medicine is based on the holistic theory, which sees the human body as a whole. If one part of the body is weakened, it will eventually weaken, and create disorder in every other area, including biological, psychological, and even sociological ones.
The proper functioning of organs such as liver, kidney , intestines, and lungs, plays an important role in the cleaning process. If any of the functions are disturbed, the toxic substances unfold and are supplied to the circuit. This may result in pain, irritability, fatigue, or drowsiness.
BODY DETOX is a huge supplier of energy. It has a cleansing effect on the skin, regulates the metabolism, removes toxins, regenerates cells, cleanses the blood, helps in the treatment of vascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, allergies, and improves immunity .
A reflection of our problems is the color of the water that we see after surgery. Therefore, after a appointment, the patient can be aware of potential malfunctions of their organism.

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