The classical massage is one of the  most common massages used to treat  pain . The techniques  performed  in  a classical  massage  include  stroking, rubbing , squeezing, kneading, tapping , and shaking.
Depending on  the expected effect of the  massage , the masseuse can operate for therapeutic  or  relaxing reasons . It is very  effective when used  to treat diseases  of the spine  and the entire  musculoskeletal system – the joints, muscles , bones.

When do we use the classical massage ?
– To relieve excessive muscle tension
– For pain in joints and muscles
– For rehabilitation of fractured or sprained bones
– Sciatica
– Nerve damage or afflictions
– Exhaustion of the body

What are the effects of the classic massage ?
– Acceleration of muscle regeneration
– Relaxing
– Improvement of the elasticity and flexibility of muscles
– Nourishment of the tissues
– Discharging of waste products
– Activating flow of blood and lymph nodes

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