A massage with hot  volcanic stones, based on  Eastern philosophy . The therapy affects the  energy centered  in the body,  called  chakras .   In  every human being  there are  seven main  chakras.   Each of  them is responsible for  an organ , the realm  of life  and mind. This is why  massage  stones  are to be arranged  in accordance  with the location of  the chakras .
Hot stones give you  valuable energy  and restore  the  proper flow of  the  body’s energy  channels . They activate the  flow of  vital energy , which has been  stagnating  under stress  or physical  injury.

Indications for  massage :
– Muscle pain
– Articular rheumatism
– Stress and insomnia
– Neurosis
– Energy circulatory disorders and disorders of blood circulation
– Cold hands and feet
– Internal organ dysfunction
– Metabolic problems
– Constipation
– Orthopedic  injuries

The massage also helps to:

– Improve skin firmness and elasticity. It nourishes and helps in the fight against cellulite
– Increase the capacity of muscles to work, improve their flexibility and regeneration
– Warm up the body
– Efficiently remove waste products

The treatment is not recommendable for:

– Hypertension
– Varicose veins
– Injury
– Pregnancy
– Diabetes
– Fever and inflammation
– Allergic skin

The combination of techniques of the hot stone massage is beneficial to the overtired, stressed body and mind of modern man. It helps to restore harmony and regenerate the whole body, and relaxes the mind.

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