The therapeutic effect of light, and sunlight has long been known. Until recently, it was used in modern medicine as an antibiotic and as a way of retaining heat.

The creation of the LASER makes it possible to increase energy used in light without raising the temperature, and the use of principle working pulses, the LASER helped deliver this power directly to weakened tissues, stimulating them to fight the disease.

The goal of the LASER is to bring the energy directly to the weakened tissues. In Kiev, Dr, Kolbun, a professor of medicine, discovered movement disorders in a molecules frequency, in diseased tissues. He suggested removing the “diseased” frequency of light with the help from the outside “healthy” frequencies.

The use of LASER for this purpose was the most effective solution. As it turned out, in addition to laser pulses, “Correct” frequencies provided the energy needed to combat diseases. The complex therapeutic laser that we have in our center has an additional advantage.   It helps in finding biologically active points, necessary for acupuncture, and, most importantly, performs LASER – ACUPUNCTURE, ( the safest kind, as it requires no damage to the skin with needles).

Here are some of the most prominent conditions in which the LIGHT THERAPY may help:

– Sciatic

– Shingles

– Asthma

– Bronchitis

– Inflammation of the sinuses and ear

– Dislocation of disks

– Leg ulcers

– Peptic ulcer disease

– Liver disease

– Inflammation of the bladder

– Kidney disease

– Impotence

– Prostate disease

– Hemorrhoids

– Inflammation of the joints and many more …


We would like to comment on the safety of the laser beams. They do not have anything to do with radiation and are monochromatic light, which can penetrate into human tissue – without damaging it.

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