In this process, the customer is placed in a suit, tightly fastened, with air being filled into the compressor cuffs. The air is blown to the next cell in the direction of the lymph circulation. In this way, the local pressure is alternatively rerouted, causing lymphatic drainage. This treatment eliminates swelling, stimulates circulation, helps in the fight against cellulite, removes residual water from the swollen limbs, and firms the skin.

Recommended for:

– Venous insufficiency

– Prevention of blood clots and blockages

– Prevention of the formation of varicose veins, removing existing ones

– Removal of edema in knees/ feet

– Weight loss.


Before the therapy, it is recommended to drink more water than usual. It takes about 50 min.



– Pregnancy

– Fever

– Inflammation

– Liver, kidney, cardiovascular

– Epilepsy;

– Infectious diseases

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