Masaze-02Therapeutic massage  (for deeper tissue) is one of the most effective  forms of  therapeutic  massage . The  compression of the  tissue  helps in the treatment  of spine-related pain , which could be caused by:

– A sedentary lifestyle
– Continuous operation of  the computer
– Sciatica
– Long  car rides
– Stress
– Discectomy
– Osteoarthritis ( vertebrae, discs , arthritis  of the spine)
– Falling  hard
– Inflammation of the  roots
– Incorrect  posture
– Exercise
– Injuries  acquired  during sports
– Numbness in  the arms or legs


Reasons for massage therapy:

– Improvement of blood circulation
– Loosening , relaxation
– To stimulate the process of elimination of toxins from the body
– The activity of the immune system
– Recovery
– Long-term stay in bed (prevention of pressure ulcers )

Massage  therapy  affects the  whole body  through the nervous  and endocrine systems . The therapy warms  massaged  tissue , reduces muscle tension, relieves pain , relaxes , and relieves mental stress . Massaging  certain  areas of the body  may affect  the  internal organs  that are  innervated  by the same  section of  the spinal cord.

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